Dürer war auch hier  




Modern Times is absent in the drawn reality of Erik Mattijssen. His residencies in rural central Spain and the most deserted villages of North West Ireland guarantee the best source of inspiration for his interior pastels. Arriving in Emmerich he knew it wouldn’t be easy to find old, historical sites with the beauty of the simplicity he has a strong craving for. One of the locals drew his attention to a typical Emmerich location; the café Onder de Poort and more important its owner Frau Tübbe. Struck by the ambiance and its amazing arrangement of artefacts, ceramics, furniture and carpets, he knew he would make the café and its owner the main motif for his Emmerich portrait.

The information that the original café dated from 1414 permitted him the thought that Dürer might have enjoyed his three penny meal at this specific spot. He decided to draw a representation of that space directly on the wall in the black and white tradition of Dürers’ woodcarvings. The first guest in the café was Frau Tübbe, who resided on a chair in front of the drawing on the opening night.






photo Philipp Gieseler