Isala Meppel






A new hospital has been built in Meppel, and the Isala art committee commissioned me
to work for the four outpatient clinic reception desks. Those works were installed, recently. 
In preparation, I spoke to people in waiting rooms of the old hospital with the question: 
Where would you most like to be right now? 
There came wonderful, sometimes moving answers. From 'on the truck crisscross through Europe', 
to Jehova's Paradise. Unfortunately, I could only use four of them;
two outside (in nature), two inside (in the house). There is a QR code at every counter so that visitors 
can watch on their phone a matching video, where I enlighten some of the topics.


architects: Vakwerk, Delft

framing: Profilex, Amsterdam



















The annex - 135 x 340 cm







The caravan - 130 x 310 cm







The hammock - 120 x 300 cm







The armchair - 85 x 280 cm






































Leftovers - 150 x 101 cm





Fabrik - 32,5 x 45,5 cm

private collection





Burg - 40 x 40 cm

private collection